Meet Our Staff

Lauren Auslander, M.A., Director of Operations

Lauren Auslander has been the Intake Coordinator and Director of Operations at CCDBT since 2019. Ms. Auslander has a background in social work, and this shines through in her exceptional customer service skills and ability to connect with clients to help them through the process of coming to therapy at CCBDT. She coordinates the placement of new clients and helps the process of scheduling both individual and group sessions. Ms. Auslander is also responsible for overseeing all the billing operations and will work with clients in order to facilitate reimbursement from insurance companies. She works diligently to maintain client files in a confidential manner and produces the necessary paperwork in order to facilitate communication between providers both within and outside of CCDBT as necessary.

Nicole Lazazzaro, M.A.

Nicole Lazazzaro is a part time Client Services Coordinator at CCDBT. Ms. Lazazzaro is committed to customer service and the accuracy of the operations at CCBDT. She has been a part of the front desk team for over 10 years, and has worked to maintain the areas of reception, billing, and helping clients through the process of rescheduling groups and facilitating communication between clients and their clinicians. Nicole is also responsible for filling out the forms that facilitate reimbursement from insurance companies as an out of network provider.