The Power of The Pause (TPP) is a Mindfulness program, brought to you by The Center for Cognitive and Dialectical Behavior Therapy, designed to help high-achieving individuals realize and maintain desired levels of professional, academic, and personal success. 
A lack of awareness of habitual thoughts, emotions, and behavior can interfere with effectiveness and the experience of joy and satisfaction in one’s life.  The Power of The Pause helps participants increase their awareness of the ways in which their automatic responses to everyday stress may be interfering with their own success and happiness.   
About the Program: 
  • TPP provides individuals with specific mindfulness training and tools to regulate or control their emotions to better manage the multiple stressors encountered in their daily life. These tools include guided experiential practices, didactics, and targeted skill development. 
  • Our expert Mindfulness trainers are highly experienced and licensed clinicians, some of whom have been teaching mindfulness and emotion regulation skills for over 15 years. 
  • Trainers will tailor their instruction to individual participants’ needs and the specific needs of the work environment in which the training is provided. 
  • TPP can be presented as a two-hour overview workshop or as a 6-week in-depth training program. 
  • The program will be brought directly to your workplace to ease implementation. 
For more information on TPP, please call Madelaine Elberger at (516) 390-3525 ext or email at